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Real Weddings

Every Wedding is different and every dog Dog will have different needs when it comes to involving them in your big day, so we tailor our service completely around them.

Here are some of the amazing dogs (and couples!) that we've loved working with, to give some ideas of how it can all work...

Luna at Hazel Gap

Luna 1.png
Luna 5.png
Luna 4.png
Luna 3.png

Luna was staying close to the venue the night before and needed collecting mid-morning on the Wedding morning, so Ele and her bridesmaids could concentrate on having their hair and make-up done. Luna and I went for a lovely walk at beautiful Cresswell Crags and then found a big field to play ball in! I then gave her a good brush and tidy up, to get her Wedding-ready.


We arrived at Hazel Gap just as the ceremony was finishing (as planned!) so that Luna could greet Ele and Tom as they came through their confetti tunnel into the beautiful courtyard at the venue. Luna was able to mingle with guests off the lead and was a superstar for her photoshoot, then it was time for us to head off while the Wedding breakfast got underway.

Luna and I stayed at a dog-friendly apartment nearby. We had lovely walks along the river bank and plenty of chill time and then I delivered her safely back to Ele and Tom at their cottage around 11am the next day.

Clay at Ladywood Estate

Clay's pawrents were having a big, colourful, music and dancing-filled Asian Wedding and we needed a couple of video calls and meet up's at the venue with other suppliers prior to the day, to discuss the schedule and how Clay would fit into everything. Helped along by a full itinerary explaining where he'd be needed and when. 


It was an early start at the venue to make sure I was there and dedicated to looking after Clay's needs while the Wedding party were busy prepping for guests arriving for breakfast. It was going to be a long day ahead so the venue were able to allocate a room that Clay and I could use as a base to go backwards and forwards from our walks around the grounds and where Clay could chill in his bed whenever he needed.

Clay did a great job of meeting and greeting guests and sat beautifully with me at the front through the long ceremony. There was a long gap before the evening festivities so Clay could get some time-out and then he joined for family photoshoots and then sat with me for the evening speeches where he got many mentions! Then as the partying got fully underway, Clay and I headed off and I delievered him to a family home about an hour away around 9pm, so he could get some well-deserved rest!

Clay 1.png
Clay 3_edited.jpg
Clay 2.png
Stacie 1.png

Hugo & Marla at Moddershall Oaks

This was a fun one to plan as Stacie was organising for Hugo and Marla to be there, as a surprise for Matt who though it wasn't going to be possible for them to attend. Stacie and I had a video call and lots of messaging beforehand to make a plan for how it was all going to work and I collected the dogs on the Wedding morning from across country, to whisk them over to the area near the venue where we could have a walk and get their Wedding outfits on before heading closer.


Stacie and Matt were having an outdoor ceremony, with the ceremony space visible from the car park as you drove in, so it was a logistical challenge to keep the dogs tucked away without being spotted before the ceremony started but we managed it! We waited until agreed point in the ceremony where the groom's Dad pretented to have forgotten the rings and then he rushed off round the corner and came back with us and the dogs made their big entrance to a shocked and happy groom and lots fo delighted guests!

Hugo and Marla join in for the Reception and photos and then we did our cross-country trip to deliver them back once their duties were all finished.

Norman at The Walled Garden

This was a special Wedding, as the cermony was being held at the beautiful church just round the corner from the family home, so Emily's parents house was a hub for the bridal party to get ready and set off from on the Wedding morning.


I met Norman at the house first thing and then we headed off for a big walk in the park and left everyone to get ready. Norman came back to my salon for a bath and a brush and got his Wedding collar and bow tie on and then we headed back to the house ready to meet everyone before the walk round to the church. Normal had some photos with Emily and her bridesmaids and enjoyed the attention in the village on the short walk round to the church and then Norman and I strolled around the churchyard during the ceremony.

Once Emily and brad had signed the Wedding register, I took Norman into the church just as they were about to walk out and they all had a lovely photo walking oiut together as a new little family!

Norman had a great time at the Reception. The Walled Garden staff are dog-crazy and he was able to weave between everyone's legs and get lots of fuss wherever he went! We stayed out the way while everyone was eating but then joined in again for speeches and there were lots of shout-outs for Norman during that part. Then I took Norman back to the house and made sure he was all safely tucked up with his dinner and favourite toys before leaving him to relax.

Norman 5.png
Norman 1.png

Kaia & Flo at Hazel Gap

Kaia and flo 1.png
Kaia and Flo.jpg

Kaia & Flo spent the night before the Wedding with the groom and groomsmen, so I collected them from there in the morning and we had a good walk and then headed back to the salon so Kaia the Rottweiler could have a bath and Flo the German Shepherd could have a full groom to get her long coat nice and shiny for the day ahead.

We arrived at the venue ready to meet and greet guests and then met Laura the bride before the ceremony, so that she could say hello to the dogs before the ceremony started. Kaia and Flo sat with me at the back during the ceremony and were beautifully behaved while Laura and Ross said their vows. Then everyone else headed out into the courtyard and Kaia and Flo make a big entrance with Laura and Ross through their confetti tunnel which made for a great photo!

Kaia and Flo were very happy mingling with guests during the drinks reception and even got to have a run around off lead in the garden. They had some great family photos and then once the Wedding breakfast was getting started, the dogs and I headed off and I delivered them to the kennels nearly where they were spending the night. 

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